Help Your Clients Get the Future They Want with Francois-Xavier Reodo, CMO, Capgemini Invent, North America

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 “I think in marketing, we are very often the change agent in the organization, which is we try things.”

Key Insights

Can a Huge Company Have an Entrepreneurial Mentality? (13:18)

I think Capgemini is also a company that allows — we call it the entrepreneurship culture… You really get, I mean, that’s the brand promise or a little bit of brand, but it’s ‘get the future you want,’ which is both an internal and external facing  promise. I really say that, in my case, it’s something that has been very true. I have been able to always build the business case for what I wanted to do.” 


Is Failing a Great Teacher? (14:04)

As FX describes it, marketing requires an openness to attempting different strategies.. This, of course, opens a team up to both successes and failures. No one wants to fail. If it’s inevitable, the question becomes: How do you respond to failure?

And when you try by nature, you fail very often. The campaigns don’t work. An event that you set up, people don’t show up. That is just the reality of it… You learn in failure. So I really think that’s important. And you learn in shock. And in my case, I learned in cultural shock a lot. I learned in cultural shock living in Korea. I learned in cultural shock living in Mexico. I learned in cultural shock living in Hong Kong. And I learned today in the U.S. because the U.S still has a very pretty different culture than Europe.”

What Ingredients Help Make a Strong Culture at a Company? (20:27)

“It starts with creating also a culture within the marketing team itself.”

According to FX, his efforts to create a good culture within the larger company start with his own team. He believes there are three important ingredients for a good culture: sorting out “the story first” “ruthless prioritization,” and allowing for space to fail.   


About the Guest:

Fast-tracked Marketing leader.

Today, I am responsible for growth, brand, external communications, employee engagement, client intimacy and field marketing for Capgemini Invent and frog in North America.

Between 2015 and 2021, I have been in charge of building Capgemini marketing & communications team and strategy in Asia Pacific, building up a high performing team of 20+ marketers, in order to support the group fast growth in the region (X4 in 6 years).

I have a track record of conceiving, planning, executing – and reporting on – multi channels global marketing strategy, plans and campaigns.

My earlier experiences give me insights on how to interact and engage with consumers to build brand relationships via key advocates.

I reside in New York City, I am a French national, a Hong Kong resident and hold a Taiwan employment gold card.”

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