Paranoia is a Gift: Staying Vigilant in a Crowded Market with Madison Logic CEO Tom O’Regan

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 “We’ve got a culture of innovation… but people that work here are self-disciplined… everything we do is measurable and countable. And the metrics that we have as an organization – the scorecard – is pretty expansive in terms of what success looks like.”

Key Insights

A Targeted Approach Can Be Risky – and More Rewarding

Making the target for success smaller is risky – it means that there is a lot of room for failure. But sometimes, a targeted approach to success can increase your long-term ROI. 

“We look at our top twenty-five accounts, and we look at how many products they market to other businesses. We start the year with how many products in those organizations are being marketed with us… what is our goal in terms of new products being marketed? So we set very specific goals on an individual account level, and with that cohort we create programs to be able to go after the personas within those organizations to achieve those goals. And we’re extremely targeted and measurable and discerning around achieving those goals.” 

Don’t Be Afraid to Microdose Failure 

You always want to win, of course. But in the world of entrepreneurship, failure is inevitable. O’Regan suggests failing on the smaller things – something he calls “microdosing failure” – so that you can practice regrouping without having to fail big to learn important lessons. 

“I’m okay with people individually coming up with ideas and not having every idea work out. That’s totally fine. In terms of large, strategic failures – I don’t want to have one of those. Those are less fun, but I  think if I didn’t have a number of failures in my career, I wouldn’t have had the successes that came with it. So I’m not afraid of the microdose failures..” 

Why is it Important to Set Standardized Metrics for Success?  

Success looks different to different people – and it is important to be on the same page in regards to what winning looks like. 

“It’s a results-oriented culture where people are focused on specific objectives and key results. And I feel like everyone knows where they stand in terms of achieving those. That provides a level of comfort.” 

About the Guest:

Tom O’Regan is Chief Executive Officer at Madison Logic. In this role, O’Regan leads all company initiatives with an emphasis on positioning Madison Logic as the only truly global account-based marketing solution that empowers B2B marketers to convert their best accounts faster.

Before joining Madison Logic in 2014, O’Regan was CEO and Principal of TOR Media Group, a boutique firm providing investment and programmatic trading solutions to clients in the online ad tech industry. Prior to TOR Media Group, O’Regan served as President and Chief Revenue Officer of Martini Media, the leader in engaging the affluent and influential online. At Martini, O’Regan achieved record growth, increasing revenue 4x, and received numerous awards.

Most recently, O’Regan has grown Madison Logic’s global coverage to include EMEA and APAC, giving B2B marketers around the world unmatched proprietary data, reach, and scale to identify, engage and convert prospective accounts.

O’Regan sits on the Advisory Board of The Fiscal Times, both the Sales Executive Committee and B2B Operating Group at the IAB. He resides on the Upper East Side of New York City with his wife and their two daughters.

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