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 For marketing teams to succeed, there needs to be a companywide consensus and understanding. This requires active communication and education across teams to ensure all departments not only understand the end goals, but the roles each team play in getting there. Shamir Duverseau, Co-Founder of Smart Panda Labs, shares his thoughts on how his company helps organizations balance data and know-how to achieve unique digital outcomes.

Tune in to learn:

  • (02:18) The origins of Smart Panda Labs
  • (09:33) Shamir’s perspective on actionable data
  • (13:05) The biggest disconnects between marketing and IT
  • (20:26) Key advice for CMOs

About the Guest:

Shamir is responsible for business management, marketing, and business development. He has worked across a number of industries, from travel to entertainment to technology, working with brands like Southwest Airlines, The Walt Disney Company, and NBC Universal. During his last 15 years in marketing Shamir has held leadership roles, overseeing everything from product management to digital strategy, including user experience design, web development, testing and web analytics. Prior to Smart Panda Labs, Shamir was the Senior Director of Digital Strategy and Services for Marriott International’s Vacation Club Division.

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Episode 390