Doing More With Less Data With Melinda Han Williams, Chief Data Scientist at Dstillery

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 With data restrictions becoming more prevalent, how can advertisers reach customers without first party data? Melinda Han Williams, Chief Data Scientist at Dstillery, claims that successful advertising can be done without any form of ID. Listen to hear more about AI marketing strategies and reaching consumers through a comfortable privacy setting. 

Tune in to learn:

  • About Melinda’s journey from a career in physics to data science (04:21)
  • How data is losing availability (09:53)
  • Ways to reach customers through Dstillery’s ID-free approach (14:24)
  • What trends are emerging in AI marketing (26:30)


About the Guest:


Melinda Han Williams is the Chief Data Scientist at Dstillery, where she leads research and development for current and future AI-based audience solutions. She is at the leading edge of applying machine learning and big data to drive extraordinary business outcomes in marketing and advertising, supervising the development of a new generation of targeting solutions to address brands’ evolving needs in a post-cookie world. As an industry thought leader on data-driven marketing, Melinda is a frequent speaker at advertising and marketing industry events, and a sought-after advisor to the world’s largest media agencies and most innovative brands. Before joining the ad-tech industry, Melinda worked as a physicist developing third-generation photovoltaics and studied electronic transport in nanostructured graphene devices. Her peer-reviewed journal publications have been cited over 9,000 times. Melinda holds bachelor’s degrees in Applied Math and Engineering Physics from the University of California at Berkeley and earned her Ph.D. in Applied Physics with distinction from Columbia University, where she held a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.

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