Bringing Digital Transformation to a Time-Honored Brand

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Evolving your company’s approach to marketing and customer experience is required to stay ahead of the competition, even for the most established pillars of business. In this episode, Lauren Gerstner, Head of Marketing, MassMutual Financial Advisors, details how the centuries-old institution continues to adapt to meet changing expectations while maintaining the authority and customer trust it has established over 171 years.

Tune in to learn:

  • (10:18) Opportunities from MassMutual’s partnerships, including the Boston Red Sox
  • (16:00) How advisors need to engage with marketing
  • (18:57) How Lauren views artificial intelligence for driving growth
  • (22:01) MassMutual’s unique “Awkward Silence” campaign

About the Guest:

BIO: “As a global multi-channel marketing executive with experience creating the strategic direction to execute multi-segment marketing and branding campaigns, I drive revenue growth, customer acquisition, and brand equity for the companies I support. I have built and scaled the digital marketing vision, infrastructure, and operational plan from the ground up and have worked across several verticals, including mobile tech, consumer tech, and financial services. My integrated marketing expertise encompasses global brand strategy, digital and social marketing, customer experience design, customer segmentation, and content strategy and I have launched the inaugural formalized social media presence for three Fortune 500 companies.”

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Episode 389