The Value of Community-focused Branding at SNIPES

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How is one of the world’s fastest-growing streetwear retailers setting itself apart in a crowded category? Jenna Flateman Posner, Chief Digital Officer at SNIPES, suggests that the secret lies in the company’s bold commitment to elevating the communities it impacts. Jenna joins us to discuss the inspirational philanthropic marketing model at SNIPES, and why she believes the idea of developing “true retail partnerships” is often taken for granted in the industry.

Tune in to learn:

  • What Jenna has learned from the acquisitions process (04:10)
  • How SNIPES sets itself apart in the crowded streetwear category (10:08)
  • Jenna’s unique perspective on “hype-selling” (16:59)
  • Jenna’s thoughts on the impact of the Air Jordan brand (27:05)


  • Sven Voth, CEO, SNIPES
  • “Building a Brand That Reflects Company Culture” (Marketing Trends podcast; Episode 563)

About the Guest:

BIO: A strategic thinker and Retail Tech expert with proven sales and strategy background. Entrepreneurial in practice, able to identify inefficiencies quickly and implement processes enabling scalability and cross-departmental collaboration. Best leveraged when associated with revenue and positioned to lead.”

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Episode 379