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Marketing Trends Background

Amanda Elam has taken an unconventional route to her role as CMO of Bloomreach, but she’s learned some important lessons along the way. On this episode of Marketing Trends, Amanda discusses her unique approach to hiring, how to identify metrics that matter, and why we need to embrace and work alongside AI. 

Tune in to learn:

  • What is Bloomreach? (2:30)
  • How AI is impacting marketing and business (5:20)
  • Why companies not building with AI will be left in the dust (10:00)
  • The metrics that matter the most (13:50)
  • Can being too focused on metrics be detrimental? (17:55)
  • The importance of having a strong marketing team (24:10)
  • Aligning marketing and sales together (26:08)
  • How to spot potential in unconventional ways (30:35)
  • Being a mom and a CMO (33:10)
  • Preparing for the next steps of growth (40:45)


About the Guest:

Amanda serves as Chief Marketing Officer, leading the execution of the Company’s marketing strategy to drive further business demand and brand awareness. Amanda is a passionate marketing professional with more than 15 years of experience in helping SaaS companies build impactful brands, communicate differentiated value, and grow high-performing marketing teams. She previously served as the Company’s senior vice president of global marketing, having joined in January 2021 through the acquisition of Exponea. Prior to joining Exponea, Amanda served as Vice President, Demand Generation at Blueshift, a Customer Data Platform, and before that served as Vice President of Marketing, Americas and Global Programs at Basware, a financial software company.”

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