Using AI to Better the World With Mike Betzer, CEO of Hypergiant

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Can AI truly make the world a better place? Mike Betzer, Hypergiant’s CEO, shares how Hypergiant uses AI to shore up vital infrastructure, support the US military, and more. Learn more about how the software company will sometimes create hardware solutions to show the good that AI can do.

Tune in to learn:

  • (07:27) Hypergiant’s process for solving problems with AI
  • (11:45) About the need to invest in infrastructure
  • (13:10) How AI can help important decisions be made in real time
  • (15:41) How AI can be used to offset the impact of carbon
  • (20:12) How Hypergiant will create hardware/AI solutions to show what can be done 

About the Guest:

BIO: Mike Betzer: Runs the Hypergiant business and has a history in building, scaling and selling software companies. Believes deeply in servant leadership and that companies live or die by their culture. Wonders what Old 300 BBQ would taste like if served on the space station.”

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Episode 386