Predicting the Rise of the CPO With Venture Capitalist SC Moatti, Founder of Products that Count and Managing Partner, Mighty Capital

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What key factors make the tech products you use great? SC Moatti, Founder of Products That Count and Managing Partner at Mighty Capital, offers a wealth of knowledge from her experiences in the VC and tech worlds about creating fantastic products. She also shares that understanding function, design, and how to be a great leader are all a part of making an outstanding Chief Product Officer.

Tune in to learn:

  • Three measures to define what makes a great product (12:09)
  • The characteristics of a great Chief Product Officer (17:22)
  • The skills it takes to be a Chief Product Officer (21:34) 
  • A framework for thinking about how to create good products (32:05) 
  • How much should product development prioritize function over form (37:21) 
  • More about SC’s personal life, including musical talents, and advice for her younger self (43:53) 


About the Guest:

BiO:SC Moatti is the Founding Managing Partner of Mighty Capital, a Silicon Valley venture capital firm; the Founding CEO of Products That Count, the most influential product acceleration platform (reaching >300,000 product managers); and a lecturer at Stanford and Columbia Universities. Prior, SC built products that billions of people use at Facebook and Nokia. Andrew Chen, General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz, called SC “a genius at making products people love.” SC serves on the boards of public and private companies, earned a master’s in electrical engineering and a Stanford MBA, and is a Kauffman Fellow.”

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Episode 385