Making Interviewing More Efficient With Mohit Bhende, Co-Founder and CEO of Karat

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Will practicing for an interview increase the chance of success for software engineer candidates? Mohit “Mo” Bhende, Co-Founder and CEO of Karat, suggests that allowing candidates to redo their interviews and providing feedback leads to higher success rates. Listen in to learn how Mo’s background as an executive at Microsoft led him to create a more effective interviewing process and how Karat is working with Serena Williams to help more Black software engineers break into the industry through its Brilliant Black Minds program.

Tune in to learn:

  • The purpose of Karat and its Interviewing Cloud (05:38) 
  • Why Karat offers redos for every candidate’s interview (08:38) 
  • How the use of data can improve engineering hiring, including supporting Black candidates (17:30) 
  • What Karat has discovered to make the interview process more effective  (32:54) 


About the Guest:

BIO (from LinkedIn):I co-founded Karat to unlock opportunity. Karat created the world’s first Interviewing Cloud to solve the multi-decade global shortage of software engineers. The Interviewing Cloud is an always-on, scalable, and consistent human + technology solution for conducting predictive, fair, and enjoyable technical interviews 24/7. Karat’s global network of Interview Engineers, unparalleled market intelligence, and purpose-built interviewing infrastructure opens the pipeline for engineering talent, limits pedigree bias, and provides access for underrepresented candidates. The fastest growing and largest enterprises such as Roblox, American Express, Intuit, Compass, and Wayfair trust Karat to expand hiring capacity, unlock developer time, and raise engineering quality so they can innovate and grow.”

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Episode 387