Truly Simultaneous Viewing Experiences With Roy Reichbach, CEO, Phenix Real Time Solutions

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What is more annoying than watching the big game, texting your friends about it, and then realizing they’re ahead of you by 30 seconds? More than just being annoying, latency actually prevents certain business transactions, like remote-betting or live virtual voting, from occurring. As an avid sports fan and former NHL Board of Governors member Roy Reichbach, CEO of Phenix Real Time Solutions, immediately saw the massive potential for this company. Learn more about how the future for Phenix includes unlocking incredible experiences in the metaverse, as wild as you can imagine, including dancing on stage with Kanye. 

This is a special part of our Communications Series on #ITVisionaries. Tune in to learn more in this series about the frontier of connectivity, streaming, and communications from experts and executives at companies including Comcast, Zayo, and Axis Communications! 

Tune in to learn:

  • How Phenix is solving latency issues in video streaming (04:45)
  • What re-analyzing and seeking to improve WebRTC looked like (09:23)
  • How Phenix is built to handle the wide range of video quality, up to 16K (14:02 )
  • How Roy became  involved with Phenix (24:29)
  • That Phenix has the speed to be able to run real-time virtual auctions with in-person bidders (29:24)
  • How Phenix is keeping up with the aggressive pace of innovation (32:56)

About the Guest:

BIO: Roy Reichbach is the CEO of Phenix, the world leader in the synchronous delivery of video in real time and at scale. Prior to joining Phenix, Roy was the President and CEO, and served on the Board of Directors, of NeuLion, Inc., a leading end to end streaming video platform. In that role, Roy engineered NeuLion’s global expansion and led the team that negotiated and closed the sale of NeuLion to Endeavor, a leader in the creation and monetization of content. Prior to being elevated to CEO, Roy served as NeuLion’s General Counsel.

Roy started his career as a trial lawyer in New York, then moved on to manage litigation as VP-Legal at Computer Associates International, Inc., before joining the New York Islanders as General Counsel and representing the Islanders on the National Hockey League’s Board of Governors.

This episode is a special part of our technology in communications series.
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