Cultivating a Security-Centric Mindset With Dave Merkel Co-founder and CEO, Expel

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Hyper-scale security detection and response master Dave “Merk” Merkel, the Co-founder and CEO of Expel, is a self-proclaimed “security-nerd.” Merk explains that staying ahead of the hackers and ransomware requires a multi-pronged strategy, including an informed C-suite, intelligent technologists, and excellent tech. Tune in to learn from Merk how every password and multi-factor authentication (MFA) matters and helps to keep you and your information safe from attackers.

Tune in to learn:

  • More about the accessible boogieman: Ransomware (06:43)
  • Merk’s thoughts on Security Report findings (11:30) 
  • How you help people to utilize the security measures already in place (15:43) 
  • Why there is hope; it’s not all doom and gloom in the security industry (23:09) 
  • Why all leadership in the C-suite needs to understand what good security looks like (25:22)  


About the Guest:

BIO: Dave Merkel is a seasoned information technology and business executive with 20+ years of experience in all aspects of information security; successful software startup experience.

Bootstrapped an enterprise software business from the ground up, bringing a new security product to market. Established new business lines, including a managed service offering. Responsible for continued growth of the business and establishing new and innovative product offerings.

Formerly responsible for multi-divisional security programs including policy formulation, enterprise-wide incident response, and security infrastructure. Background includes hands-on experience, from forensic investigation to incident response and security assurance. Prior experience as a Federal Law Enforcement Agent specializing in computer crime and digital forensics.

Specialties: Infrastructure security technologies, public key infrastructure, security policy and regulation, IT organization leadership, incident response, security assurance, computer crime investigation, engineering executive, sales and marketing in a start-up environment”

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Episode 390