Servant Leadership Drives Innovation With Rick Rioboli EVP, CTO & CIO, Comcast

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In the communications world, it doesn’t get much bigger than Comcast. With three massive arms of the business, including NBC Universal, Comcast Cable, and Sky, Comcast touches millions of customers every day. As Comcast’s EVP, CTO, and CIO, Rick Rioboli is responsible for providing excellent customer service, innovating future technologies, and curating the next generation of technical professionals. Learn more about his servant leadership style and the aggressive way Comcast is training current and future technologists that keep Comcast on the cutting edge of all they do.

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Tune in to learn:

  • How Comcast is shifting from using AI on products to also on the business end (10:27)
  • About Comcast’s 10G service (12:59)
  • How the future of customer service is personalized and proactive (19:00)
  • About the flywheel of good company culture (24:33)
  • How to develop world-class tech talent (27:36)
  • What’s one of the craziest IT problems Rick has ever solved (39:07)


(First episode of IT Visionaries)

About the Guest:

BIO: Rick Rioboli serves as Executive Vice President, Chief Technology and Information Officer of Comcast Cable. Rick leads the technology, systems, and tools organization responsible for the residential and commercial business customer lifecycles, enterprise services, data services and cloud services team, as well as employee-facing functions such as human resources, finance, and workplace information technology. Rick’s team also develops and operates the platforms and services that support Comcast’s entertainment and connected living products, leads the technology strategy and execution of Comcast’s customer experience, and drives digital transformation in billing, identity, data strategies and privacy features. 

Rick has over 20 years of experience leading product and engineering teams focused on bringing innovative, customer-facing products and technologies to market. His teams have been awarded two Technology and Engineering Emmys as recognition for the impact of their work on television engineering: Video Personal Recommendations on the X1 platform (2015) and the Voice Remote on the X1 platform (2017).

Rick received his Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from Penn State University and his Masters in Computer Engineering from Villanova University.

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