The Automation Renaissance Part 1 with John Kucera of Salesforce & Matt McLarty of MuleSoft/Salesforce

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Are the antiquated systems at your business holding it back from its full potential? Today’s the day to automate! On this episode, we kick off our “Automation” series with guests John Kucera, SVP of Product Management at Salesforce, and Matt McLarty, Global Field CTO & VP of the Digital Transformation Office at Salesforce’s integration platform MuleSoft. John and Matt join us to discuss how system automation is rapidly changing how businesses operate, and which arenas outside of the tech industry would most benefit from an automation overhaul.

Tune in to learn:

  • The trajectory of the automation market (04:28)
  • What is preventing some businesses from fully embracing automation (19:50) 
  • About innovations that have the potential to accelerate automation (24:00)
  • About areas that could benefit from more automation integration (34:30)


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About the Guests:

John Kucera is Senior Vice President of Product Management for SalesForce Flow… Family of Automation. . He is responsible for Einstein Chatbots, Flow, and Einstein Next Best Action. John also drives the Einstein Automate vision across the Salesforce Platform, MuleSoft, and Salesforce Industries, enabling end-to-end automation, integrated across any system. John earned his BS in Electrical Engineering at Northwestern University and his MBA in Business at Stanford Graduate School of Business. Connect with John on Twitter, @NotHackedJK or Linkedin, John Kucera.”

Matt McLarty (@mattmclartybc) leads API Strategy for MuleSoft, a Salesforce company. He works closely with organizations to design and implement innovative, enterprise-grade API and microservices solutions. An experienced software architect, Matt has worked extensively in the field of integration and real-time transaction processing for software vendors and clients alike.”

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