From the NSA to Healthcare Software With Lucienne Ide, Founder and CEO, Rimidi

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The constant need to re-share your health history with each new healthcare provider you encounter is frustrating and, unfortunately, all too common. It leads to wasted time, inaccuracies, and lost opportunities. Finding a way to improve archaic hospital and physician healthcare record systems takes someone who’s been on the other side in the physician’s shoes. Rimidi, a clinical management platform software company, offers a solution that brings physicians’ perspectives to bear. Tune in to hear Lucienne Ide, the Founder and CEO of Rimidi, as she shares her indirect route to entrepreneurship and the wealth of unique perspectives and experiences she’s gained along the way. 

Tune in to learn:

  • About Lucienne’s winding career: From the NSA to investing, academia, healthcare, and finally entrepreneurship (03:47)
  • About the great potential for improvement in diabetes care (12:29)
  • A use case for how Rimidi is bringing change (18:28)
  • About weighing social determinants and other healthcare factors (26:14)

About the Guest:

BIO: Lucienne M. Ide ‘97 is a physician, scientist, and entrepreneur who is CEO of Rimidi, an IT company she founded in 2012 to address the challenging health and cost implications of common chronic diseases like diabetes. After earning a BA in physics from Middlebury College, Ide worked for the National Security Agency, Raytheon Systems, and Monarch Capital Partners. With a desire to shift her focus to health, Ide enrolled in the joint MD/PhD Medical Scientist Training Program at Emory University, which she completed in 2009. Dr. Ide, who lives in Atlanta, cofounded the Diabetes Prevention and Design Team, which is dedicated to reducing the prevalence of diabetes in the greater Atlanta community.”

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Episode 405