Simplified Cybersecurity Workflow Automation

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Are menial workflow tasks keeping cybersecurity teams from reaching their full potential? Tines is a fast-growing, Ireland-based company that’s bringing automation to the security workforce, with no code writing necessary. The company’s Co-founder and CEO Eoin Hinchy joins us to discuss the ingenious automation process that narrows all workflow duties down to a mere seven “action types,” freeing up cyber workers to focus on keeping your data safe.

Tune in to learn:

  • Tines and its no-code approach to cybersecurity (01:00)
  • The seven “action types” that Tines automates (06:48)
  • How much time is saved automating these workflows? (25:03)
  • Eoin’s “hot take” on the cybersecurity skills gap (27:20)

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About the Guest:

BIO: Spent about 15 years working in cyber security teams before founding Tines. We’re building a platform that allows anyone to automate their repetitive security workflows without writing a single line of code.”

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Episode 435