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Let’s face it — nobody likes doing taxes. And staying on top of changing codes, rates, and regulations can be a time-consuming endeavor for companies. Avalara is a tax compliance automation platform that’s making tax solutions easier for businesses all around the world. Avalara’s EVP of Engineering and CTO Danny Fields joins us to discuss the wide scale of innovation required to deliver fast and accurate tax computations globally, and why companies still using manual methods should make the switch to automation now.

Tune in to learn:

  • What is Avalara and what does it do? (01:09)
  • How Avalara keeps track of constant changes in the tax code (10:45)
  • What it was like moving Avalara toward automation (16:39)
  • Why some companies are slow to adopt tax automation (27:03)\

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About the Guest:

BIO:Danny leads Avalara’s global development and engineering teams, and guides product innovation, integration, and reliability in the complex world of transaction tax compliance. He was previously senior vice president of engineering and chief software development officer with MobileIron, a leading mobile security company, and before that he was a group VP with Oracle, responsible for building the Oracle Service Cloud. Danny also served as VP of engineering at RightNow Technologies before it was acquired by Oracle in 2012.”

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