Business processes get faster and more convenient everyday as we automate tedious busywork. That said, how much further can automation efforts take us? Chris Byers, CEO of Formstack, discusses the wide ranging industries that would benefit from additional digital automation and how Formstack empowers non-technical employees to solve process-problems.

Tune in to learn:

  • How has Formstack simplified the user experience over time? (02:52)
  • The rise of automating office work (15:40)
  • Who is driving innovation in organizations? (17:40)
  • How far are we from a paperless future? (24:00)

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About the Guest:

BIO: Chris Byers is chief executive officer at Formstack, the SaaS-based workflows platform helping organizations streamline data collection and management without coding. Founded in 2006, Formstack is a remote-first company with 220 employees worldwide. Byers earned his finance degree from Anderson (Ind.) University. On LinkedIn.

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Episode 434