Reframing Cybersecurity With Corey White, Co-Founder & Chief Experience Officer of Cyvatar

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Are commonly accepted cybersecurity strategies even helpful? Corey White, Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer of the cybersecurity-as-a-service company Cyvatar, claims typical techniques don’t truly mitigate security threats. Listen in to learn about Corey’s ideas for an updated cybersecurity strategy and his thoughts on optimizing continuous protection for companies.

Tune in to learn:

  • About alert fatigue in cybersecurity (08:27) 
  • Corey’s comparison of home security and penetration testing (20:16) 
  • Corey’s thoughts on securing personal devices in SMBs (30:27) 
  • What’s trending in cybersecurity (38:26) 


About the Guest:

Corey White is a proven security industry veteran with more than twenty-five years of success managing security practices and consulting teams. His work encompasses virtually every industry, including government, critical infrastructure, finance, healthcare, and manufacturing. Corey has created Cyvatar.AI to enable vendor partners to deliver reliable, repeatable, and measurable business outcomes to clients. Corey also served as the SVP of Worldwide Consulting and Chief Experience Officer at Cylance as well as the Southwest Director of Consulting for Foundstone & McAfee/Intel Professional Services.”

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