Proactively Driving Customer Success With Manjula Talreja, SVP and Chief Customer Officer of PagerDuty

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What drives a company toward winning? Manjula Talreja, SVP and Chief Customer Officer of PagerDuty, shares how the company has evolved into an “operations platform in a digital-first environment” to help businesses create positive experiences for its customers. Tune in to learn from Manjula about how PagerDuty’s “proactive” approach to support customers leads to wins internally and for the companies it serves.

Tune in to learn:

  • About PagerDuty and what the company does (00:30) 
  • Why driving customer experience is vital for brand loyalty (04:59) 
  • How PagerDuty is saving lives (16:11) 
  • What brought Manjula to PagerDuty (19:39)

About the Guest:

Results-driven Senior Executive and Board member with over 25 years of successfully transforming, building, and scaling publicly traded businesses. An inclusive leader and intrapreneur with Go-to-Market expertise across industries; served in C-suite roles with a history of driving innovation, digital transformation and growth of B2B and SaaS companies. Thought leader and sought-after speaker on the Customer Experience and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.”

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Episode 403