Rallying Your Team Around a Common Goal With Jim Fowler, CTO of Nationwide

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Our special Financial Week coverage continues with Nationwide CTO Jim Fowler. We’re bringing this episode back from 2020 because it’s chocked full of powerful insights and wisdom that are still true today. Jim helps us understand the true meaning of “digital transformation” and just as importantly, understand the necessity of transforming company culture to be more unified and thereby impactful. Enjoy! 

Tune in to learn:

  • Why taking the jobs that no one else wants will propel your career. (01:02) 
  • The scope of work for the CTO at Nationwide (06:05) 
  • Why Digital Transformation is the most overused and most misunderstood term in the industry. (09:28) 
  • How Nationwide thinks about dividing the work between AI and their employees. (25:10) 
  • How we’re going to handle the masses of data now being collected (37:30) 
  • What is YearUp and how is it helping? (40:42) 


About the Guest:

BIO: Jim Fowler is Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Nationwide. In this role, he is responsible for the company’s technology strategy, IT capabilities, and business transformation programs.

Prior to joining Nationwide in 2018, Jim was Chief Information Officer for General Electric, where he led the company’s global information technology strategy, services, operations and internal digital transformation program. Prior to his 18-year career at GE, he held IT roles with NCR and Accenture.

Jim holds a bachelor of science degree in management information systems and marketing from Miami University and a master of business administration degree from Xavier University. He is also a certified Six Sigma Black Belt.

Jim serves as a national board member for YearUp, on the business school advisory board at Miami University, on the Columbus State Community College board of trustees and on the Columbus Collaboratory board of managers. He is well recognized for his results-oriented leadership style and his ability to drive innovation—and was recently recognized by Forbes with the CIO Innovation Award.

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