How Deel Makes Empowering an International Workforce Easier With Yaron Lavi, CTO of Deel

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On an international scale, is it possible to make hiring, contracting, and paying workers a more smooth and cohesive process? Yaron Lavi, CTO of Deel, claims it’s easier now than ever before with Deel. Also, tune in to hear how Yaron sets up his interview process to make great hires for his teams.

Tune in to learn:

  • What is Deel and how does the company improve the hiring process (02:04)
  • How Yaron interviews engineers (13:02) 
  • How “put the customer first,” according to Yaron, is more than business saying for Deel (21:37) 
  • About how customer needs lead to where Deel directs its attention (27:50)
  • What was the craziest IT problem Yaron’s solved (35:00) 

About the Guest:

“• An R&D Executive with a goal-oriented, can-do approach. Highly-experienced in various company sizes from small startups to large enterprises.

  • Vast experience in building and managing software products and teams of SW specialists, and taking business requirements to beautiful and full-blown applications.
  • Complete ownership of product SW architecture, from A-Z, and designing aspects of infra, data, backend, and frontend.

Always engaged with positions that require experience, responsibility, technology expertise – all done with great interpersonal skills and a unique managerial approach to bring people to their full potential.

  • Focused on business orientation and deducing the technologies the company will best benefit from, given to business strategy and roadmap.”

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Episode 402