Greatness Through Incremental Improvement With Borya Shakhnovich, CEO, airSlate

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Is it the concept or the process that truly sets great companies apart from the rest? Borya Shakhnovich, the CEO of the workflow automation company airSlate, suggests that entrepreneurs are better served improving on an imperfect idea rather than trying to create the perfect one. Tune in to hear about the “kaizen” approach that airSlate takes toward innovation.

Tune in to learn:

  • About airSlate (04:15)
  • About the “kaizen” approach to building software at airSlate (19:13)
  • How Borya measures success at airSlate (24:05) 
  • About Borya’s leadership style (28:54) 

About the Guest:

BIO: “I am an academic, turned entrepreneur. I now enjoy hacking on Online and Social Media Marketing for a great startup company my good friend and a great entrepreneur Vadim Yasinovsky started : www.PDFfiller.com. Check out PDFfiller for a complete, market-leading solution to going completely paperless: Find, Fill, Store, Sign and Send any PDF form or document from anywhere using any device.”

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Episode 398