An Innovation ‘Ecosystem’ With Kit Colbert, CTO, VMware

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The IT world has many talented innovators, but they often work with outdated or overly complex software systems. Kit Colbert, the Chief Technology Officer at VMware, asserts that the virtualization company is helping set the table for these developers to flourish. Tune in to hear Kit explain how the synergistic relationship between VMware and its customers creates an “ecosystem” of innovation.


Tune in to learn:

  • What VMware does (05:47) 
  • What Kit has seen as effective practices to oversee various technologies (12:43) 
  • What Kit is excited about in the VM industry (24:18) 
  • About Kit’s experience with vMotion (38:45) 

About the Guest:

BIO: I am a passionate technologist and executive who loves solving hard technical problems while bringing new, innovation products to market. I have worn many hats in my career – developer, architect, CTO, and GM. My strengths are in understanding and developing technology and working with people and across teams to get alignment and set direction so that we can execute on delivering product. I frequently engage with customers, press, and analysts in addition to presenting at conference breakouts sessions, panels, and keynotes in order to drive awareness and excitement about what we’re doing.

Currently I am VP & CTO, VMware Cloud. But over the past many years, I’m happy to have contributed back to VMware:

 – Early technical owner for vMotion and creator of Storage vMotion, foundational technologies for the now $4B+ vSphere business

 – Founding team member and early technical lead for (what is now called) vRealize Operations, a $1B+ product line

 – CTO for End-User Computing during its acquisition of AirWatch, helping to integrate it and set the vision for what is now Workspace One, a $2B+ business

 – Creator and GM for the Cloud-Native Apps BU (now Modern Apps BU / Tanzu portfolio), a strategic response to containers and cloud-native technologies by VMware

 – Incubated and helped to get off the ground Project Dimension (now VMware Cloud on Dell EMC), delivering VMware’s SDDC-as-a-service to on-premises locations

 – Reimagining vSphere via efforts like Project Pacific and Project Monterey to evolve it to support the next generation of applications, as CTO for Cloud Platform”

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