Making Reproductive Healthcare Accessible With Carrie SuiButt, CEO of SimpleHealth

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Is telemedicine the future for reproductive healthcare? Carrie SiuButt, CEO of SimpleHealth, suggests that increased virtual reproductive healthcare will enhance traditional approaches to care. Listen in to learn how Carrie’s personal health journey has also guided her career path.

Tune in to learn:

  • (00:38) SimpleHealth’s mission, including using data to offer dynamic healthcare
  • (16:37) How differing state telehealth regulations are a challenge 
  • (19:45) About the future of telemedicine for reproductive healthcare  
  • (21:37) How to build the right team for success  


About the Guest:

BIO (SimpleHealth Website): “Carrie SiuButt leads SimpleHealth with a patient and people mindset. Carrie has spent her career in strategy and finance in some of the world’s most exciting brands. As a Black and Chinese disabled woman, she is intimately aware of the perils of our healthcare system, and is dedicated to improving healthcare access in America.”

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Episode 397