Amazon and Salesforce Driving Success Now, Together

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What does success now look like for business leaders as economic shifts keep us all guessing? Thomas Cozzolino, Senior Director of Competitive Strategy at Salesforce, joins us to help discover the answers to this question as a special co-host in the Success Now Mini Series. 

Solutions for cost reduction, increased efficiency, rapid ROI, and lightning-fast time to value are top of mind for many of today’s business leaders. Setting a prime example, Amazon is ever-innovating; and today we get to hear more about what this looks like for Mark Chien, General Manager of CRM Platform, AWS Sales, Marketing, and Global Services.

 Tune in to learn:

  • What is the Success Now Miniseries all about (03:45)
  • Importance of data quality at AWS (7:10)
  • Culture of Build vs Buy at AWS (9:10)
  • Amazon’s continuing journey of reducing costs and time to value while increasing efficiency and ROI (18:00)
  • Best practices for using and implementing Salesforce (33:55)
  • Lightning Round (40:40)


Mark Chien is the General Manager of the CRM Platform for AWS Sales, Marketing and Global Services. He manages the Salesforce fleet that powers AWS Sales and Marketing and ensures one the largest Salesforce installations in the world operates securely, efficiently and continuing to scale for the growth of AWS. Mark is a long time Amazonian with 16+ years across several areas of Amazon such as Amazon Mechanical Turk in AWS, the Amazon.com retail website and Alexa. Prior to joining Amazon, Mark was a Product Manager at Trilogy in Austin, TX. Mark is known for his blend of business acumen, technical depth and entrepreneurial drive to successfully play the role of a single threaded technical leader owning product, program and engineering management, throughout most of his Amazon career. He’s demonstrated a strong bias for action and ability to deliver results with a deep track record in pushing technical innovation by often being the first to adopt new technologies and systems at Amazon. He’s a true Amazonian and often sought after for his deep knowledge and practice of Amazon’s culture. Mark Chien holds a Bachelor’s degree in Systems Design Engineering from the University of Waterloo, Canada.

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