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Researcher Alan Kay is widely credited for saying, “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” Our guest Brian Woodring, CIO of Rocket Companies concurs, as he is part of a company that is currently trying to define the future of mortgages. Working with Salesforce, his organization is continually trying (and learning from) innovative ways to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and generate ROI. Hear how Brian and his team may not have a “master plan” but still succeed through discovery, feedback, and a consistent focus on customers.

Tune in to learn:

  • Why there’s no “master plan” for growth in IT businesses (5:00)
  • How did Rocket measure the progress of its digital transformation (14:45)
  • The differences between an OKR and a key result (25:14)

About the Guest:

BIO: Brian Woodring is the Chief Information Officer of Rocket Mortgage. In this role, he leads the company’s award-winning Technology team, and is responsible for strategy and the delivery for our digital products, technology platforms and data intelligence. Brian is focused on delivering digital experiences that drive innovation in the consumer lending industry and building the most scalable lending platform in the world.

He joined Rocket Mortgage in 2017 as the company’s Chief Technology Officer, leading the Product Engineering team. Brian and his team redesigned Rocket Mortgage’s engineering practices, advanced the company’s leadership in digital lending and implemented platforms that reimagined the way that Rocket Mortgage team members communicate with their clients.

Brian has more than 20 years of experience working as an engineer and technology leader, most prominently at Black Knight, Inc. where he oversaw Servicing and Default Technology, and led the development of solutions such as VALERI, LoanSphere and Fusion.

He resides in the Detroit area with his wife and four children.

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