The Art Behind Data Science and Machine Learning with Dr. Jesse Spencer-Smith

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What if a professor with a background in mathematical psychology could help you prepare for the future of AI? In today’s episode, Chad sits down with Dr. Jesse Spencer-Smith, the Chief Data Scientist of Vanderbilt University’s Data Science Institute.

In an age where everything is digital, sometimes it feels like creativity is one of the last things we have left that makes us human. That’s why we are talking to Dr. Smith. He’s the creator of a workshop called “AI for Artists” and is an expert in the fields of data science and machine learning. Dr. Smith and his workshop offer a compelling look at how and why you can use data and machine learning to begin to work for you.

Today, Dr. Smith discusses how to choose tools and models for your specific industry, and covers resources like OpenAI, GPT2, Muse Net, Google CoLab, and Fast.ai. He and Chad also talk about the best entry points into these fields and more opportunities in data science, machine learning, and art.


Episode 14