Becoming Great by Choice with Jim Collins

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The explosion of data in business offers us opportunities like never before. However, if we don’t learn the art of asking better questions, our ability to capitalize on the data suffers.

Learning this art and becoming great is the call to action of our times. Today’s guest and his work will help you do just that. He’s been called the “most influential management theorist living.”

In 1995, he founded a management lab to study what makes businesses great. His lab even advised a young entrepreneur named Jeff Bezos, who would build upon his research to help grow Amazon.

He’s a pioneer in business thinking but perhaps most importantly, Socratic questioning. He’s also studied more data points about what makes businesses successful than any other researcher out there.

Today’s guest is none other than Jim Collins, the author of the classic Good to Great. In today’s episode, we discuss concepts and principles from Jim’s latest book, Great by Choice.


Episode 13