Deep Learning Illustrated with Jon Krohn

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What does deep learning look like for you?

Maybe when you hear the term “deep learning,” your mind draws a blank. Or maybe it jumps straight to The Terminator, The Matrix, or your favorite Black Mirror episode.

Deep learning and machine learning have the potential to augment every aspect of our lives, but not necessarily in the out-of-reach or dangerous ways our minds might think.

Today’s guest is Jon Krohn, an expert in AI, deep learning, machine learning, and data, and a master at helping create easy-to-understand visual representations of complex deep learning concepts.

He’s a Chief Data Scientist and the author of Deep Learning Illustrated, a book that provides illustrated practical references and tutorials for developers, analysts, and students who want to start applying deep learning.

In today’s episode, Jon and Chad dive deep into deep learning and its implications. They discuss neural nets, philosophical, or ethical issues surrounding the future of data and machine learning, the difference between artificial narrow intelligence and artificial general intelligence, and how AI is the paintbrush of the future.


Episode 15