Democratizing Political Power by Liberating Opportunity with Matt Stoller

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In 1929, a young congressman challenged Herbert Hoover. It was the height of the depression, and Hoover refused to pay out pensions to the veterans who had fought in WWI.

Now, the veterans surrounded Washington D.C. and economic worries filled the hearts and minds of Americans.

One young congressman saw this and followed the money to the root of the problem. He discovered that the American republic had fallen prey to monopoly power and little financial oversight.

The young congressman took a page from the Jeffersonian playbook. He decided to speak truth to power, and introduced and passed the Bonus Bill, securing the money promised to veterans. 

That congressman was Wright Patman, a champion of liberating data, and one of the most non-political politicians of our age. The Bonus Bill was just the  beginning of a long, 46-year career dedicated to putting a stop to the monopoly problem.

In today’s interview, Chad talks with author and analyst Matt Stoller. Matt is the author of Goliath: The 100 Year War Between Monopoly Power and Democracy, a book inspired by Congressman Patman’s pursuit for justice.

Matt and Chad dive deep into the repercussions of monopoly power, and how to put an end to it to create opportunity for all. Plus, they take a behind-the-scenes look at some fascinating events in American history.


Episode 16