#10 Grant Riewe: Leading CX Transformation in Mental Healthcare

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Discover how technology is transforming the field of mental health and crisis response.

In this episode, host Lauren Wood talks with Grant Riewe, CTO of Vibrant Emotional Health. Grant shares his journey in innovating mental health services, particularly the 988 suicide crisis lifeline, demonstrating how technology can be a powerful tool in providing life-saving support.

Learn about the challenges and successes in integrating technology into mental health services. Grant delves into the development of new platforms, the expansion of service offerings, and the importance of human connection in crisis management.

Tune in for an enlightening conversation on the intersection of technology and mental health with one of the leading experts in the field.

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(00:00) Introduction and Guest Introduction

(01:07) Grant Riewe on Vibrant Emotional Health’s Mission

(03:07) The Strategic Vision of 988 Lifeline

(06:20) Scaling Operations and Service Expansion

(09:17) Addressing Increased Demand for Mental Health Services

(11:33) Technology Stack and Service Adaptation

(14:34) Personalization in Crisis Response

(17:32) Measuring Success and Impact

(21:43) Proactive Steps in Suicide Prevention

(23:30) Role of AI in Mental Health Services

(27:03) Innovation and Culture in Vibrant Emotional Health

(30:12) Grant’s Advice for Customer Experience Leaders

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