#11 Elizabeth Maughon: The Future of Customer Experience in Ad Tech

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Dive into the future of advertising where Elizabeth Maughon unveils how empathy and AI are driving customer success.

In this episode of ‘Experts of Experience,’ host Lauren Wood sits down with Elizabeth Maughon, Chief Customer Officer at Simpli.fi.

Discover how Elizabeth and her team are revolutionizing the ad tech industry through innovative customer success strategies and AI-driven solutions. Elizabeth shares her journey in leading transformative customer experiences, offering valuable insights into the intersection of technology, empathy, and client engagement.

Tune in to explore how Simpli.fi is shaping the future of advertising with its customer-centric approach.

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(00:00) Introduction to the Episode

(01:11) Elizabeth Maughon’s Role at Simpli.fi

(02:55) Customer Approach at Simpli.fi

(04:13) Implementing Servant Leadership

(07:34) Nurturing Empathy in Organizations

(08:09) Balancing Empathy and KPIs

(11:00) Developing Strong Client Relationships

(13:42) Internal Culture Impacting Client Communication

(16:36) Setting Guardrails for Success

(20:40) Diverse Client Support Strategies

(23:47) Understanding Client Needs

(26:44) Importance of Documentation and Tools

(28:41) Auditing Processes for Efficiency

(31:50) Harnessing AI in Simpli.fi

(37:01) Exploring AI Tools

(39:13) Key Factors in Effective Customer Experience

(41:24) Advice for Customer Experience Leaders

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Episode 11