#8 Sam Wegman: The Secret to B2B Customer Experience Success

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​​Join Lauren in an enlightening conversation with Sam Wegman, the VP of Customer Experience at Univar Solutions, as they explore the intricacies of B2B customer experience in the chemical distribution industry.

Sam shares her innovative strategies for building a culture that revolves around the customer-centric culture, where every employee plays a critical role in enhancing customer experience. Learn how Univar Solutions transforms its approach to customer service, the importance of empowering employees, and the use of technology in creating seamless B2B interactions.

Dive into this episode for a deeper understanding of how to revolutionize customer experience in your business.

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(00:00) Introduction to Sam Wegman and Univar Solutions

(01:09) Sam’s Journey in Customer Experience

(03:41) The ‘We Are All CX’ Mantra and Its Impact

(06:27) The Basics of Successful Customer Experience in B2B

(10:11) Servicing Diverse Customer Segments

(13:38) Leveraging Technology for Enhanced CX

(18:56) Handling Customer Feedback and Detractors

(21:01) Cultivating Cross-Functional Collaboration

(24:16) Winning Gold in B2B Customer Experience

(27:30) Instilling a Customer-Centric Culture

(31:32) The Business Impact of Investing in CX

(38:15) Using AI and Predictive Analytics in CX

(42:41) Key Advice for Customer Experience Leaders

(44:25) Closing Remarks


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