#5 Adrian Swinscoe: Break The Cycle of Poor CX With This Framework

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Discover a new perspective on customer experience with Adrian Swincoe, a multifaceted CX expert.

In this episode, Lauren Wood dives into Adrian’s unique approach to customer experience, exploring his punk perspective on revolutionizing CX strategies. Adrian shares insights from his experience as an advisor, speaker, author, and podcast host, challenging conventional CX methods.

Join us as we delve into the critical aspects of customer experience, the role of innovative technologies, and the importance of adopting a punk mindset to stand out in today’s competitive market. Adrian’s approach emphasizes simplicity, customer-centricity, and breaking free from traditional frameworks to create impactful customer experiences.

Tune in to gain invaluable insights on transforming your CX approach and driving meaningful business outcomes. Adrian’s expertise and unique perspective are a must-listen for anyone looking to elevate their customer experience game.

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(0:00) – Introduction to Adrian Swincoe

(0:24) – Adrian’s Multifaceted CX Expertise

(1:11) – Adrian’s Background in CX

(2:05) – The Concept of Punk CX

(6:41) – Addressing CX Challenges

(8:02) – Vision in Customer Experience

(10:32) – Successful CX Examples

(15:11) – Apple’s Retail CX Strategy

(18:08) – Importance of Basic CX Principles

(23:35) – Building Future-focused CX

(27:14) – Employee Experience and Its Impact

(31:00) – Leadership in Transforming CX

(35:07) – Organizational Self-reflection

(39:03) – Embracing Empathy in CX

(42:03) – Resources for CX Leaders

(45:14) – Engaging with Frontline Teams

(48:06) – Final Advice for CX Leaders

(49:37) – Conclusion and Thanks

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