#6 Jan Young: Why is Customer Success Crucial in SaaS?

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​​Explore the forefront of customer success with Jan Young, a visionary in post-sale strategies. 

In this episode, Lauren Wood delves deep into Jan’s expertise, exploring her revolutionary approach to post-sale strategies in the SaaS world. Jan, the founder and CCO of Jan Young CX, shares her unique perspective on customer-led growth and go-to-market alignment, offering invaluable insights for businesses looking to thrive in today’s challenging market.

Jan discusses the multifaceted nature of customer success, the importance of strategic advice post-sale, and the critical role of customer success managers. Learn about the exciting intersection of AI and customer success, and how emerging technologies are reshaping the way businesses interact with and understand their customers.

Tune in for a comprehensive look at the latest trends and strategies in customer success, and how you can apply these lessons to drive your business forward.

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(00:00) Preview 

(00:24) Introducing Jan Young 

(01:10) The Misconceptions of Customer Success 

(04:44)The Importance of Post-Sales in SaaS

(06:07) Customer Success in Diverse Industries

(11:20) Navigating Market Changes and Layoffs

(15:02) Aligning Customer and Company Success 

(26:48) AI’s Impact on Customer Success: 

(38:09) Balancing Efficiency and Human Connection

(41:17) The Concept of a Joint Customer Success Plan: 

(44:52) Closing Thoughts and Advice

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