#4 Adam Vasallo: Redefining Customer Experience With Technology

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​​Discover how Big Brothers Big Sisters leverages technology to provide innovative customer experiences and track long-term societal impact.

In this episode, Lauren is joined by Adam Vasallo, CMO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. 

Adam shares how the organization, founded in 1904, creates life-changing mentorship opportunities for youth facing adversity. Learn how Big Brothers Big Sisters empowers volunteers to become mentors (“Bigs”) who are matched with children (“Littles”) in their communities. 

Adam outlines key strategies to drive awareness and recruit Bigs, including digital marketing, strategic partnerships and leveraging alumni as advocates. Discover how technology enables personalized experiences and keeps matches connected, even during the pandemic. Adam also explains Big Brothers Big Sisters’ approach to CX, including journey mapping for Bigs, robust match support systems and measuring long-term societal impact through rigorous studies. 

Tune in for insights on youth empowerment, volunteer engagement and bringing relevance to a 100+ year old nonprofit.

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(00:00) Preview 

(00:32) Introducing Adam Vasallo

(04:30) Creating life-changing mentorship opportunities  

(08:15) Recruiting and Onboarding “Bigs”

(13:10) Engaging Bigs and Littles throughout the mentorship 

(17:56) Leveraging Technology To Enhance CX 

(24:01) Supporting The Mission Through The Pandemic 

(28:32) Measuring Long-Term Societal Impact

(33:16) Leveraging Data to Improve Programs and Partners

(36:55) Keys to Mapping The end-to-end CX Journey

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