#3 Nigel Piper: Rethinking Customer Support with Xero’s Nigel Piper

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​​Discover the future of customer experience with Nigel Piper, as we explore how embracing customer contact can revolutionize business support systems.

Join host Lauren Wood on episode #3 of the Experts of Experience podcast as she sat down with Nigel Piper, Executive GM of Customer at Xero who oversees the customer experience of over 3.7 million subscribers worldwide.

In this episode, Nigel shares his philosophy of increasing customer contact and how this fosters unparalleled customer and employee satisfaction. He divulges the innovative use of technology like machine learning, personalized video support, and system integration at Xero that empowers both the customer and the support team.

Learn how Xero’s leadership balances the growth of their team with technological solutions, their shift from reactive to proactive customer engagement, and the exciting potential of Generative AI in revolutionizing customer service models.

Nigel also reveals his approach to leadership, focusing on future-proofing business strategies, and fostering a company culture that emphasizes employee trust and empowerment.

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00:00 Preview

00:31 Who is Nigel Piper?

03:41 Is Increasing Customer Contact Effective?

05:31 Nigel’s Approach to Customer Engagement

07:05 Exploring The Human Side of KPIs

11:13 Personalization at Scale with Machine Learning

17:30 Mastering Video Support

22:53 Is AI The Future of Customer Support?

28:12 Nigel’s Advice for CX Leaders

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