24 Customer Experience Resurgence: The MoviePass Story

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On this episode, Frances Molina, the CX manager at MoviePass, discusses the history and revival of MoviePass, the challenges of resetting customer expectations, and the importance of cross-functional collaboration in delivering a great customer experience. She shares insights on creating a knowledge base and simplifying information for customers, as well as the significance of customer journey mapping. Plus, she and Lauren dive deep into various aspects of customer experience and how to effectively address customer needs while also looking after your CX team.

Tune in to learn:

  • The history of MoviePass 
  • How to reset customer expectations for returning customers 
  • New implementations that helped re-educate customers 
  • How to create a knowledge base that is easy to understand
  • What is the most important thing to remember when building a customer journey map
  • Ways to approach cross-functional collaboration 
  • How to manage customer problems that don’t reach the scale that other teams find important 
  • What are the huge obstacles for MoviePass 2.0 

About the Guest:

“Frances Molina is a seasoned customer satisfaction expert and proactive problem solver with experience managing projects and tackling operational problems in the fast-paced startup world. She is passionate about beauty, health & wellness, sexuality, literature, emerging tech, and accessibility.”

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