23 Building Trust in AR: Niantic’s Guide to Transparent Customer Engagement

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On this episode, Brynne Henn, the Product Marketing Lead of the AR Development Platform at Niantic, discusses Niantic’s approach to user-centric design and customer experience in developing AR products. The discussion highlights the importance of prioritizing the needs of customers and using a ‘blog before you build’ approach to ensure that products are built for customer needs. The conversation also delves into how AR can enhance customer experiences, the fostering of a developer community, and the significance of building trust with customers.

Tune in to learn:

  • How to prioritize user-centric design and customer experience in AR product development.
  • What is the ‘blog before you build’ approach and how can you use it to ensure products are built for customer needs?
  • How AR can enhance customer experiences through virtual try-ons, personalized advertising, and game-based experiences.
  • How to foster a developer community by understanding their needs and providing support.
  • Why you need to build trust with customers by being transparent, addressing mistakes, and valuing their feedback.
  • How to create a foundation for product development to streamline processes and improve efficiency.
  • The need to drive cross-functional collaboration by understanding team dynamics and establishing clear communication.

About the Guest:

“As the Senior Product Marketing Lead for Niantic’s AR Platform, Brynne Henn drives the adoption of Niantic’s powerful, real-world AR tools for web and Unity among developers, brands, and agencies. With over eleven years of experience in developer marketing and organizing, she is passionate about translating the complex and making it accessible and exciting for all audiences. Prior to Niantic, Brynne led content marketing for Sisu Data and founded and led the marketing team at Mapbox.

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