25 How Breeze Airways is Proving You Can Create Superior Flying Experiences

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On this episode, Danny Cox, Vice President of Guest Experience at Breeze Airways, discusses the challenges airlines face in creating great passenger experiences. He emphasizes the need for airlines to let go of antiquated processes and mindsets and focus on. Danny shares how Breeze Airways is working to improve the airport experience and reduce stress for travelers. He also highlights the importance of partnerships and the impact they have on the overall guest experience. Plus, Danny discusses the role of leadership in guiding the team and fostering an empowerment mindset.

Tune in to learn:

  • What are airlines missing when it comes to great experiences? 
  • Making the airport experience easier
  • Why is it difficult to give control back to customers?
  • How Breeze differentiates itself in the market
  • Guiding a customer service team
  • Hard lessons in building a new business

About the Guest:

As the Vice President of Guest Experience at Breeze Airways, Danny Cox oversees the airports and contact center operations, ensuring that the airline delivers a seamless and delightful experience to Guests across all touchpoints. Danny has over 20 years of leadership experience in the aviation industry, with a strong background in revenue and financial analysis, strategic planning, and digital guest empowerment.

Danny is passionate about customer experience (CX) and design thinking, and leverages his expertise and skills to drive metrics-based programs that improve guest satisfaction, loyalty, and retention. He also leads and develops high-performing teams, fostering a culture of accountability, feedback, and innovation. 

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