22 Advice for Harmonizing Business-Customer Relationships

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In this conversation, Dan Lubetsky discusses the importance of one-to-one engagement and the need for brands to capture consumer interest at any moment. He emphasizes the role of building trust with consumers through effective communication and understanding their needs and preferences. Dan also highlights the value of utilizing first-party and zero-party data to enhance customer insights. He shares his approach to staying informed on the changing technology landscape and provides an example of an impressive brand experience with Lomi. The conversation concludes with the advice for customer experience leaders to strike the right balance in the value exchange between businesses and customers.

Tune in to learn:

  • How AI can be a powerful tool in customer engagement and advertising, but it is important to use it responsibly and authentically.
  • Why personalization is key in creating a great customer experience, but it should be balanced with the customer’s expectations and preferences.
  • How the use of AI in customer support and engagement is changing the way brands interact with their customers, allowing for more immediate and personalized communication.
  • Why finding the right use cases for AI implementation and understanding the potential risks and challenges is crucial for successful adoption.
  • Building trust with consumers requires effective communication and understanding their needs and preferences.
  • How utilizing first-party and zero-party data can enhance customer insights and enable personalized experiences.
  • Why staying informed on the changing technology landscape is essential for customer experience leaders.
  • Why striking the right balance in the value exchange between businesses and customers is key to success.

About the Guest:

“Dan Lubetsky is a customer engagement expert with almost 20 years of experience in marketing, digital consulting, SaaS, and AI, who knows how to drive repeatable and sustainable growth. He is motivated by solving complex problems, team building, compelling customer experiences, and driving growth.

Dan has a proven track record in strategy and operations – leading digital transformation programs, building high-performing teams, defining go-to-market plans, creating impactful partnerships, and developing clear positioning. He is skilled at creating organizational alignment to achieve a common goal for the business and end customers.

Dan is passionate about Generative AI and its impact on customer experience, and how it is transforming industries. He believes the customer journey is compressing with the proliferation of channels and that messaging apps and conversational experiences are the next key mediums to capture consumer engagement.”

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