21 Accessibility in Focus: Fable’s CEO Talks Design and Impact

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On this episode, Lauren interviews Alwar Pillai, the CEO and Co-founder of Fable, a company that helps organizations build accessible and inclusive technology. They discuss the importance of accessibility in technology and the challenges of building inclusive products. They also explore the role of design in accessibility and the impact of inclusive design on user experience. Plus, Alwar emphasizes the competitive advantage of accessibility and the importance of serving the largest untapped consumer segment in the world – people with disabilities.

Tune in to learn:

    • The Importance of Accessibility in Technology
    • The Key People Being Left Out in Digital Products
    • The Challenges of Building Inclusive Technology
    • Creating Inspiration and Shifting Perspectives
    • The Role of Design in Accessibility
    • The Impact of Inclusive Design on User Experience
    • Advice for Customer Experience Leaders
    • The Importance of Internal Culture

    About the Guest:

    “Alwar Pillai is the CEO of Fable, an accessibility platform helping enterprises build inclusive digital products. She is deeply passionate about inclusive product development and building inclusive teams. Before launching Fable, Alwar worked at the Ontario Ministry of Education and as the Manager of Accessibility at Rogers Communications. Alwar holds a degree in UX Design from the Symbiosis Institute of Design and a Masters of Inclusive Design from OCAD University, where she focused her research on designing technology for seniors. Most recently, she was recognized as one of 50 innovators who are creating a real positive impact by the Globe and Mail.  Fable Tech Labs has built an online platform that connects researchers, designers and developers with people with disabilities, with the goal of making it easier to create an accessible digital product. Fable Tech Labs is making it easier for digital teams to engage people with disabilities in product development here. Fable Technology was a part of the DMZ’s Incubator program in 2020.”

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