#13 Ian Wishingrad: A Masterclass in Branding & Customer Experience

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Dive into the world of creative customer experience with Ian Wishingrad, Co-Founder and CMO of Three Wishes Cereal.

In this episode of Experts of Experience, Ian shares his journey from advertising to entrepreneurship, revealing how authenticity marketing strategies have shaped his customer-centric approach.

He shares the challenges and triumphs of creating a customer-centric, healthy cereal brand that stands out in a competitive market. This episode is a deep dive into how customer experience, innovative packaging, and creative marketing strategies can transform a simple idea into a thriving business.

Wishingrad’s story is a testament to the power of vision, persistence, and customer-focused innovation in the modern business landscape.

Tune in as Ian shares personal anecdotes and professional insights, offering actionable strategies to revolutionize your approach to customer experience.

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(00:00) Introduction and Ian’s Background in Advertising

(01:44) Transitioning from Advertising to Creating a Cereal Brand

(06:09) Concept and Brand Pillars of Three Wishes Cereal

(08:51) Identifying the Key Customer Base

(09:45) Importance of Customer-Centric Focus

(11:33) Packaging and Retail Strategy in Branding

(14:15) Challenges in Personal Brand Building

(16:42) Retailer Relationships and Customer Feedback

(22:29) Creative Marketing During COVID-19

(31:34) Leveraging ‘Evergreen Zeitgeist’ in Marketing

(33:03) Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

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