#12 Riley Thomas: How Does Tech Transform The Real Estate Experience?

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Explore the nexus of customer experience, success, and technology in the construction and real estate finance sectors in this episode of the Experts of Experience podcast.

In this episode, host Lauren Wood engages in a conversation with Riley Thomas, the SVP of Markets at Built Technologies, a leader in construction and real estate finance technology.

They discuss how Built Technologies is revolutionizing the industry by enhancing efficiency, collaboration, and business agility. Riley shares insights into the challenges of modernizing an antiquated industry, the strategic use of AI, and the importance of understanding customer needs to drive product development.

This episode offers a deep dive into how Built Technologies is navigating the complexities of the construction and real estate sectors and their vision for the future.

Tune in to learn from Riley’s extensive experience and discover how Built Technologies is shaping the future of its industry with innovative solutions and a customer-centric approach.

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00:00 Introduction and Riley Thomas’ Background at Built Technologies

01:25 Built Technologies’ Work and Clientele

02:57 Modernization of the Banking and Construction Industries

05:40 Driving Adoption and Changing Work Practices

07:43 Incorporating AI in Business Operations

09:35 Customer Insights and Product Development

11:53 Use of AI for Customer Data Synthesis and Business Development

14:00 Trust and Candor in Business

17:19 Customer Retention Strategies

20:33 Company Culture and Employee Experience

25:57 Future Vision and Impact of Built Technologies

31:09 Leadership Philosophy and Employee Engagement

35:26 Maintaining Positivity and Realism in Leadership

39:02 Understanding and Catering to Customer Needs

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