#14 Chris Ho’s Secret to The Art of Delegation and Customer Experience

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Dive into the world of executive assistance and client relationships with Chris Ho, Chief Client and Revenue Officer at Athena.

In this episode of Experts of Experience, host Lauren Wood engages with Chris Ho to uncover the intricacies of effective delegation and its impact on customer success.

Learn about Athena’s innovative approach to enhancing client experiences and how Chris’s leadership is shaping the future of executive assistance. Chris shares profound insights on the relationship between successful client management and strategic delegation, emphasizing the significance of empathetic and intelligent client interactions.

Tune in to discover Athena’s transformative strategies in client service and delegation.

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00:00) Introduction and Focus on Customer Experience (CX)

(01:20) Chris’s Journey to CX and Athena’s Philosophy

(03:37) Athena’s Approach to Matching Executives and EAs

(06:56) Empowering and Nurturing Executive Assistants at Athena

(09:13) Onboarding Clients and the Art of Delegation

(11:11) Adapting Hero’s Journey in Customer Onboarding

(16:47) Client Engagement and Tracking Happiness

(20:45) Client-Centric Strategies and Using AI

(24:31) Teaching Clients Effective Delegation

(28:00) EA’s Impact on Clients’ Lives and Athena’s Culture

(30:05) Approach to Unengaged or Unhappy Clients

(32:24) Tracking Client Engagement and Happiness with AI

(39:00) Chris’s Personal Experience with Exceptional Customer Service

(41:57) Final Thoughts and Advice for Customer Experience Leaders

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