How FOX Corporation Succeeds in the Modern Media Landscape

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Michael Ibrahim, Senior Vice President of Digital Product at Fox Corporation, has several patents under his belt, has a skill for building successful teams and has contributed to major success at Fox Corporation. He shares his insights into the world of digital, diving into the most important metrics for Fox and how they make themselves available to consumers wherever they want to access their media. 

Tune in to learn:

  • What it takes to earn patents (1:45)
  • How to make media available to consumers across platforms (9:10)
  • The metrics that matter for Fox (16:20)
  • Sparking consumer interest in watching content (19:30)
  • How to manage teams and get people working well together (28:40)

About the Guest:


Digital product executive and innovator with experience in building and leading global digital teams. Develops industry-first technology products across all mediums for the biggest media companies in the world, including being awarded US and international patents.


  • Successfully launched EPIX NOW Direct to consumer product suite.
  • Specialties:
    • Product management: product vision, strategy, data-driven roadmaps, user experience, building effective product teams, customer and stakeholder management, software feature design, mobile, web, and TV application development, product lifecycle management.
    • Product development: program management, project management, agile product development lifecycle, working with remote teams, improving product development process, release management, support management.
    • Product sales marketing: go-to-market strategy, running alpha, beta programs, partner relationship management, product positioning, packaging and pricing, data-driven successful rollouts, contract negotiations, customer segmentation, pricing strategy.”

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Episode 268