“Celebritizing” Your Way to CPG Success

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How do successful CPG companies build a following? Nick Saltarelli, Co-founder of Mid-Day Squares, shares how he and his partners “celebritized” themselves through an Instagram reality show to break into the chocolate industry. He dives into social media strategy, building a fanbase that asks grocery stores to stock their products, and fighting back against attacks.

 Tune in to learn:

  • Fighting cyberattacks and legal battles against Mid-Day Squares (01:45)
  • Launching without support from grocery stores (14:55)
  • Why you should remove yourself from the data tracking obsession (24:40)
  • “Cracking” TikTok (31:15)


About the Guest:


“Experienced early stage Entrepreneur with a success record of scaling companies past 8-Figure revenues. I love to help and add value if and only if I feel I can actually add value. Currently helping build www.MidDaySquares.com or on my twitter @nicksalto :)”


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Episode 278