Solving the Production Equation with Bill Gamber

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Technology is revolutionizing how we live, work, play, and do business. But apps can’t (yet) clothe, feed, or shelter us; we still live in the physical world, and as a result, need tangible products and real-world supply chains to meet our needs.

But tapping into those supply chains and actually getting your idea from prototype to production line to store shelves is hardly an easy feat.

“My dad always says, ‘It’s easy to sell [a product]. It’s hard to buy it and produce it. That’s where you make a business successful.’”

Bill Gamber is the founder of Big Agnes, a company that designs cutting-edge outdoor gear for even the most seasoned backcountry explorers. Coming up with an innovative tent or sleeping bag design is one thing, but actually finding someone who can produce them? That is a totally different beast…

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Episode 70