From Business Building to Culture Building with Vishal Sunak

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One of the hallmarks of the human experience is finding where you fit in – what club to join, what sport to play, what friend group to associate yourself with, what career you’re passionate about, what partner to settle down with, what city to plant roots in… the list goes on and on.

And just like in life, in business, a huge part of the struggle is trying to find where you fit. Who is the perfect customer? What is the right way to reach them? Who are the right employees for the job? And what’s the right culture to build for those great customers and employees?

“We have such an amazing team. In a lot of ways, we hired people that we really enjoy being around and that’s what is such a great part of what we created is that we genuinely love being together, working together, spending time together… It’s an unbelievable feeling as a founder.” – Vishal Sunak

Vishal Sunak, is the co-founder and CEO of LinkSquares, and he is thankful every day for his amazing team and their growing network of all-star customers. But before he built that, Vishal was just a guy with a great idea but no customers and no employees to help turn that idea into a reality.

Building that framework of the right people is as complicated as designing the architecture of a skyscraper in a big city. But as Vishal puts it, that network means everything.

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Episode 69